merging my pictures and cards

Bronzed Heroes – Stan Musial

I have been reading the book ‘Stan Musial’ by George Vecsey. It is a great book that highlights the career of this great ballplayer. The book was recommended to me by my father, and it is great to think of baseball while the weather is so cold. If you like to read I would recommend this book for sure.

I took this picture in 2009 while I was visiting the latest version of Busch Stadium in St. Louis. For some reason the statue just looked off to me. I would much rather this huge statue look something like the other statue of Stan, or one that actually looked like his stance. I guess that means that I will have to put the other statue on a card down the road.

This is the 44th time that I have made a card for the Cardinals team. It is the 2nd card of Stan the Man that I have made as well. This is the 14th time that I have posted a card from my Bronzed Heroes set.

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