merging my pictures and cards

1982 Topps In Action – Mark Buehrle

This is a card that I have had made for quite some time. I like how it looks for the most part, but was waiting to make a regular issue ’82 Topps card to release it. I have learned quite a bit since making the card, but I still like how it looks. The card will now see the light of day as part of the Mark Buehrle day on this blog today. 

This is the 20th card for Mark on this site. That fact alone should help tell you how much I enjoyed watching him play. That and the fact that he seemed to pitch a lot when I happened to be at the games. This particular picture was taken in 2008 as Mark was pitching what was scheduled to be the regular season finale. A string of events actually made it the third to last game of the season. This is the 6th 1982 Topps card that I have made as well as the 2nd In Action card from that set. The first was an action shot of Scott Podsednik sliding into second base.

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