merging my pictures and cards

1990 Leaf – Juan Pierre

Today I thought that I would search the folder of cards that I had previously made to find some Sox players that will not be suiting up for the team next year. The team already looks quite different than it did last season with some changes that fans have been wanting to see, and some that shocked them. 

This is the 11th card of Juan that has made it to this blog so far. He might not have been my favorite player on the team, but he was a hard worker, and you have to acknowledge that. He was the first player out of the clubhouse to warm up every game. In fact he was out way before anyone else.

This is the second 1990 Leaf card that has made this site. The first was a Carlos Quentin that I had made. This was a set that was hard for me to get as a kid so I have always really liked it. I wish that the two cards looked better, but you could see how early on I had made these cards. If I ever start making them again I may have to re-do this template.

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