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1989 Upper Deck – Juan Pierre

Yet again here is another card of Juan Pierre today. Looking through my folder of cards I decided to rid it of players shown in a Sox uniform that no longer play for the team. I actually made this card a long time ago. Since then I used the same picture to make two 1983 Fleer SuperStar Special cards with Starlin Castro on half, and Juan on the other half. When put together they would make one complete card. I could have scrapped this card since it used the same picture, but I kind of liked how it looked so here it is. 

This is the 35th card that I have attempted that resembles the 1989 Upper Deck set. It is a nice looking card that makes my pictures look even better than they really are. This is also the 13th card that Juan Pierre has appeared on for this blog. This is the 10th card that the young Cubs shortstop Castro has made it onto so far.

One response

  1. Sean Breslin

    That’s awesome!

    January 21, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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