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1984 Fleer Special – Pierre, Rios, Quentin

This was one of the first SuperStar Special cards that I attempted. As a kid I always looked forward to seeing who Fleer paired up on these cards every year. I don’t have the access to the players like Fleer does so I have to be a little creative when I make these cards. 

I took this picture in 2010 as the Sox were finishing up a game against Detriot at Comerica Park. It was one of my favorite games because a couple of times it looked like the Sox had been beat. Both times the Sox came back to tie the game up. During this Labor Day game it even appeared as if Brandon Inge had won it with a home run in the ninth off of Chris Sale. When the ball left the field I thought it was foul, but it was called fair on the field. Thankfully the replay showed the umpires exactly what I saw, and Sale worked his way out of the jam. After the Sale recorded the final out of the game I snapped this picture of the three Sox outfielders celebrating the win. Now that two of them are gone I thought that I had better get this card up before all three are gone.

This is the 12th card from my fake 1984 Fleer set to make this blog. It is the 15th card for Carlos Quentin, the 12th card for Juan Pierre, and only the 5th card for Alex Rios.


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