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1985 Topps Famous Lineage – Austin Collinsworth

Last weekend I saw Austin play against the Boilers under the lights. My seat was not the greatest so I had very few chances to get a picture of him. On one punt though he downed the ball in front of me allowing me to get the picture for this card. I knew that I wanted to make this card so I was lucky to get at least a picture to put on it.

I remember Austin’s dad Cris from my childhood. In fact he was a player that I used to find cards of in packs. For some reason I have never really cared for him though. Not on a personal level, but I have never enjoyed listening to him break down a game. I really don’t know why, but for some reason he just rubs me the wrong way. I respect him though, and that is why this card was made.


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  1. JT

    Cris’ mother-in-law was my 2nd grade teacher (he wasn’t yet married to her daughter at the time). I don’t think I ever met him though. He still lives in the city where I live, and does some work with the high school football team. His family helped raise money for the high school’s new football field.

    October 8, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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