merging my pictures and cards

1975 Topps – Brandon Phillips

I was never too sure exactly what I thought of Brandon until I saw him play in 2009. As one of the bigger names on that Reds team you would have thought that he would have had a bigger head. Instead of hanging out in the clubhouse before the game he spent most of that time signing as many autographs as he could. That put him on my list of players to watch, and got him a couple of extra cards on this site.

This is one of those cards. I was playing with the ’75 Topps template a while back creating some different color combinations, and made this card. Many things got in the way of it getting released, but now it can be. This picture was taken in ’09 at the Civil Rights Game. I thing it has been used a couple of times on here most recently on the ’11 custom All Star Glossy card.

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