merging my pictures and cards

1915 Cracker Jack – Derek Jeter

Last winter I tried to make some older cards. This is one of those that I tried. I made a Paul Konerko version and this one at the same time. I realized that I really needed to do some tweaking on this one, but thought that since this is how I made it then it should get released that way. I like the idea of the set, and will work on this one a little before putting another one out.

I took this picture last August as Derek was on deck for the Yankees against the White Sox. Derek seemed to look right at me, and I snapped the picture. This is the picture that I used for his ’10 custom card, but I thought that I would use it again here because it really seemed to fit. Now that Derek is at 3,000 hits he has cemented his place in the Hall of Fame. That is one of those magic numbers that almost always means inclusion. I think he would have been fine without that number though.

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