merging my pictures and cards

1983 Topps – Brent Lillibridge

The other card I made tonight for Brent is this look at the ’83 Topps design. I normally make my own templates, but I loved the one Clinton uses over at A Hair Off Square so I asked him if I could use it. Thankfully he is a great guy and let me use it. I will have to make a couple more of these to get some use out of the template.

I used the same picture as the ’84 Fleer card that I just posted. I normally don’t use the same picture twice, but for the inset picture I thought that it would be okay. The main picture celebrates a great event once again on this site. Both Adam Dunn and Alex Rios had hit singles with the Rios hit scoring Carlos Quentin. That has to be the first time that something like that had happened all season with those two guys. The picture above is of Brent telling Carlos to stay up as he crossed the plate.

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