merging my pictures and cards

1986 Topps – Carlos Beltran

With all the rumors swirling around about Carlos Beltran I figured that I had better post this card quick while he is still a member of the Mets. I thought that it would be cool to make some cards of both the Mets and the Red Sox with the ’86 Topps template. This fall will be 25 years since that great World Series. I used some older pictures of players that were no longer on either team, but I did have a few pictures of current players. For the time being Carlos is still a Met.

I took this picture in 2008 during a doubleheader against the Braves.  A heavy rain the night before the game that we were supposed to see gave us the great opportunity to see a double header at Shea Stadium during its final year. We had seats in the second deck pretty far away from home plate. They were not the best for getting pictures, but I managed to get a couple that could be used for cards.

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