merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Justin Smoak

Earlier this season I saw the Mariners play a game against the White Sox. I had heard so much about Justin Smoak that I was intrigued to watch him play the last couple of seasons. He was a very highly thought of prospect that is finding his way in the bigs right now. I thought I would make a couple of Upper Deck cards with some of the pictures that did not make it onto his ’11 custom card.

As I said earlier this picture was taken earlier this season when the Mariners were in Chicago. I liked the action shot of Justin just before contact, and thought that it would make a good card. With the two action shots that I wanted to use I needed a card that prized action. Right away I thought of the ’89 and ’90 Upper Deck sets. I used to love the pictures on the cards, and that in part is why I started taking the pictures on my own.

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