merging my pictures and cards

1966 Topps – Paul Konerko

Last year I was focused on making a set based on the ’85 Topps set. I started just for fun making a card of Gordon Beckham. Then I decided to make a set of the White Sox players. From there it branched out to making a set of ’85 Topps cards with players from all teams that I have seen. A natural next step in that was to branch out to other sets. This ’66 Topps Paul Konerko card was an early attempt at that. As I have said before I am making new templates that are easier to use so I am releasing some of these cards that have sat in a folder on my computer.

I took this picture on the same night as the ’70 Topps card of Konerko. At the midpoint of every inning Paul would toss two balls to the fans in the crowd. When the Sox recorded the second out of the inning the kids would flock down near the dugout where we were sitting. By the end of the game Paul would have a lot of kids to choose from to toss the balls to. This picture is of him looking ahead to see who should get a ball. I liked the picture so it was an early choice to go on a card.

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