merging my pictures and cards

1984 Topps – Jeff Manship

While looking at some of the ’84 Topps cards that I had already made today I saw one of former Notre Dame hurler Jeff Manship. I have been meaning to release the card, but for some reason I never did. Last night he was part of a combined no-hitter for the Twins Triple A team in Rochester. He started the game, and it is great that he gets some publicity. Jeff was part of the great staff in 2006 for the Irish that also included Tom Thornton and Jeff Samardzija.

I took these pictures in 2009 when Jeff was getting a spot start in September against the White Sox. I was happy to see a player that I watched in college make it to the pros. I used a picture from his pregame bullpen session for the main picture, and a picture from just prior to that for the smaller picture. I really like these two pictures so I don’t know why I have held onto the card for so long.

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