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1977 Topps – Eric Hosmer

Part of making my 2011 custom set has been coming up with cards for my card backs. In order to make things a little easier I have now picked one set to feature for a team. For the Royals I picked the ’77 Topps set. The Royals have some young talent that I was exited to see. The two players in particular that I was excited about seeing for the first time both did things to impress me. Eric of course tied the game in the ninth inning with his home run to center field.

I took this picture a little earlier in the game as Eric took a big swing against Mark Buehrle. I have a couple good shots of Hosmer at the plate including his game tying home run. I may have to make a couple cards of the heralded rookie before too long.


One response

  1. Nice work, I’m very biased but this may be one of my favorite cards on your site.

    July 7, 2011 at 5:46 am

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