merging my pictures and cards

1977 Topps – Bruce Chen

After work today I turned on the Sox game to see Bruce Chen going against my guys. Last season I had fun watching both Bruce and Joakim Soria having fun in the outfield during batting practice. Part of the fun of going to the game on the Fourth was to see these two again.

When I walked into the stadium I noticed that they were together again just a little farther down than where I would normally stand to watch batting practice. I took this picture as Bruce was walking towards the Bullpen Bar to talk to some fans. He really was great with the opposing teams fans. Someone jumped up as he was walking and into my frame. I liked the picture thought so I salvaged it for this card. I am a fan of patches and special uniforms so it was great to get this picture of the special caps the Royals were wearing for the day. This is my first card with pictures from that game. With the special uniform that the teams wore that day I expect that many pictures will find their way onto this site in the near future.

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