merging my pictures and cards

1964 Topps – Alex Presley

All season long I have been reading the Twitter and Facebook feeds of the Indianapolis Indians. It seems like every game comes down to Alex Presley doing something for his team. I saw him play in person Saturday night, and he is already going to be called up to the Pirates for tomorrow nights game. I chose the 1964 Topps template for the Indy Indians cards because I liked how a little tweaking to the classic set made it look very cool.

This is part of a two picture series that will end up on this site. Early in the game a ball was hit foul down the line. Alex gave chase, and slid trying to catch the ball. He did not get it, but it did give me two great pictures for his cards. This is the first, and his 2011 custom card will have the other picture. I also like how Alex is wearing the special camo jerseys the Indians wore on Saturday night. This is even better than commemorative patches that I like to include on my cards. This is a whole special jersey!

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