merging my pictures and cards

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Jamie Moyer

Jamie has been playing so long that he was actually almost able to have a card in the ’83 Topps set. Jamie is sitting out this season so I put his date on the card as 2010. He is recovering from surgery but would like to make a comeback next season. I really hope that he does.

The color picture on the card was taken last July as Jamie was in the Wrigley field outfield during batting practice before a game against the Cubs. This is the same picture that I used on the ’10 custom card for Jamie, but my options were limited. The older picture was hard to come by. This set was inspired by a card that I saw on the Phillies Room. The picture he used for Jamie looked to be from his ’87 Topps card. After reading his article I saw that it was. I really thought this set would be a great idea, and would like to try it on a couple of other players if I can see them play this season.

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