merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – David DeJesus

Some players you just picture on a certain team. It doesn’t matter if they played on other squads you just think of one team when you hear their name. When I hear the name David DeJesus I immediately think of the Royals. Of course he now plays for the Athletics. He was traded this past off season, but in my mind he will always be a Royal. I may have just beaten that fact into the ground.

I took this picture before a game with the Sox in early April. I was watching the players warm up, and wanted something a little different for a couple of cards. This one of David using a stretching band seemed perfect. I saw a great video at the Sox game of David and another player going through an elaborate pregame routine. That made me realize that I still had this card to release. Of course it did not take too long for me to get it out there.

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