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2011 csd Custom – Kyle Gaedele (MLB Draft)

Kyle has had a few cards on this site already. It started off with him being the famous great nephew of Eddie Gaedel. After watching him a bit I knew that he would make the next step when it was time. He is only a junior, but when San Diego drafted him 203rd overall they might have just ended his career at Valpo. This is the second card already for Kyle in this set. If he ends up playing for the Fort Wayne Tincaps in the Midwest League I could possibly have three cards of him in the set.

I took this picture early on during a doubleheader at Valpo this year because I did not know what the weather was going to bring that day. It did pour off and on, but I ended up with some better pictures to use. I still liked this one, and was glad that I could use it on this card. I swapped the colors out a bit on the Padres card from the template I used before the season started, and I like this version. I don’t know if I will get to any Padres games this season, but I would use this template if I had the chance again.

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  1. These cards will be great to look back at in a few years. Some names will be long forgotten and some will be absolutely huge.

    June 7, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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