merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Carlos May

When I read that the Railcats had Carlos May coming to their stadium it made my choice of games to attend very easy. I did not know too much about the former outfielder, but a quick look at his life on and off the field made me an instant fan. He was a good ballplayer that during his career lost the thumb on his throwing hand while in the Marine Reserves. He came back and was once again an all star. He was a bright spot on some teams that needed them in the 70’s on the South Side.

I took this picture as Carlos was signing a young kids glove while in Gary. It actually was fairly sad how few people came to see Carlos. I don’t know if it was bad promoting or what, but for a while I seemed to have him all to myself. I did not take anything more than a ball for him to sign as it used to be a one item limit. When I talked to him for around ten minutes with only one small group of kids coming up to him I kicked myself for not having more cards handy. I picked my favorite Sox card of Carlos for the back which is the 1972 Topps card.


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