merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Louis Ott

This will be the first of probably two cards in this set for Louis. I saw him play in an exhibition game for the Railcats before this season started. During the first series of the season on the road he was traded to Winnipeg. The Goldeyes had a need for a third baseman after Amos Ramon (who is already in the set) went down with an injury. As I said in the previous post Louis is very versatile, and can play any position in the field. He will be missed in Gary. As I said to start this off I will probably make two cards of Louis in this set. When he comes back to Gary as a Goldeye I will have to get a picture of him to put in the set.

This picture was taken during the exhibition against the Goldeyes before the start of the season. I was just getting some shots for my cards for the back of the custom set when I took this one. I had planned on getting a better shot of Ott during the regular season. As I have explained earlier that is no longer possible. So I had a choice between the two pictures that I took of Louis. The thing was that they both looked the same. I will try and be a bit more creative with the Goldeye card of Louis. I also listed him as a third baseman on the card because that is the only position I saw him play this season.


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