merging my pictures and cards

Bronzed Heroes – Joe DiMaggio

Seventy years ago today Joe D started his 56 game hitting streak. With that in mind I thought that today would be a great day to release the bronzed heroes card of the Yankee Clipper. I have a few pictures sitting in a folder just waiting to be made into these cards. The beauty of the design is the fact that the cards can be made very quickly.

This picture was taken in Chicago of all places. When I heard that they had a statue of Joe D in the middle of Chicago I was shocked. I read about it in a baseball book, and had to see it. In 2006 I went just a little out of my way after a Sox game to see the Piazza DiMaggio. I wrote a little about it on my other blog Confessions of a Sports Junkie. Chicago was the last place I ever expected to see a DiMaggio statue. Do they have a Nellie Fox statue in New York?

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