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1985 Topps Famous Lineage – Glenn Robinson III

A bit of a departure here, but one that I thought would be interesting. So far every famous lineage card I have made has featured at least one baseball player on it. I saw the son of the Big Dog (sounds like a horror movie title doesn’t it?) this past winter playing basketball in my home town. Glenn Robinson Jr. was a great player for Purdue, and he followed that up in the NBA. He is an icon at his former school so I thought it was interesting that his son chose to attend another school in the same conference.

I took the picture for Glenn III this past winter as his Lake Central team was playing my hometown team the LaPorte Slicers. At the time I never thought about making a famous lineage card, but after hearing a little more about him this past summer I decided to make this card. I went out of my way to find a card of Glenn Jr showing him in a Purdue jersey. Although the design is a baseball design that doesn’t mean that I have to keep it there.

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