merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Trace Knoblach

Earlier I posted the ’87 Topps card of Trace. Here is his 2011 custom card. Normally a player like Trace would not be in this set, but his uncle is Chuck Knoblauch so that gets him in. In the near future I will post my Famous Lineage card with Chuck and Trace on it. Trace really did not look comfortable in the field during the game I saw him play. He had one misplay and a couple of near misses. In his defense it was windy though so I can’t make too many snap judgements on his fielding. He has some time to get better before he graduates.

The picture on the front of this card was taken as Trace was making one of his near miss catches. I liked the picture because it looks like he is settling under the ball. Just after this frame he had to wildly move to his left to make the catch. I looked into my viewfinder when I took the picture, and knew that it was the picture for the custom card.

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