merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Sean McHugh

Earlier today I released the 1986 Topps card of Sean. That is the card that I used for the back of this custom card. Sean was probably not going to be in this set, but he did try and hit me with a line drive. Maybe he was trying to get my attention. It worked, and he makes it into the set.

As I said in the above paragraph Sean tried to kill me with a foul ball. While watching game two of a series between Purdue and Michigan I was sitting in the bleachers on the first base side. I was away from the protective screen so that I could get some good pictures. Sean fouled a ball off that flew right past my head. I could hear the ball as it went by. This is not the first time that this has happened while I was taking pictures, but it was the first time that I captured the moment with my camera. The picture on the front of this card shows the ball as it begins its travel towards my head. I also really liked the ’86 Topps card I made for Sean so I made the back of the card. I have a nice ’91 Leaf design for him as well that I will release later.


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