merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Ryan Dempster

Ryan is a player that everyone should like. He really has fun playing the game, and that is how it should be. Why can I not root for him then? I have some players on the Cubs that I don’t mind, but for some reason I can never root for Dempster. Maybe it is because he is a good player for the Cubs.

Ryan really has fun on the diamond, and the picture on the front of this card just shows part of that. During batting practice in early April before a game against the Diamondbacks Ryan was taking ground balls at second base. He looked like he was prepping to play the position, but he was just having fun. Some would say why risk the injury, but I say why not have some fun? On the back of the card is another 2010 custom card. I should start a tally on how many players have been in both of my sets so far.


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