merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Henry Blanco

I posted my 1991 Fleer card of Henry a couple of days ago so that I could post this card of him. I watched him play for the Cubs for a while, and that fact alone gets him in this set. Henry has had a nice career as a backup catcher. You are playing the hardest position on the diamond, but then again you really aren’t playing it all that much. Not a bad gig.

I took this picture before the game as Henry was waiting to get into the cage. He was just staring around so I snapped a couple of quick pictures of him. I used one for the front of the card, and the other for the card on the back. For the Diamondbacks I tried to make the cards for the back from a few companies and years. That turned out to be way too much work so I just started making the cards all from one company and year for each team. I will rotate the years and companies, but it just makes the process go a lot smoother.


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