merging my pictures and cards

1984 Fleer – Cliff Pennington

Early on in my preview set I made the decision to use my own cards on the back of this year’s custom set. I was sick of looking up cards of players, and thought it would make things easier. It also would be a chance to show off some of my past cards. I must have been tired that night because I never factored new players into that equation. I figures the new players would be in A ball or college where cards of them would be hard to find anyway. One way that I made my job easier in making the cards for the back was to just make as many as I could at once with the same template. In the case of the A’s I made them with my new ’84 Fleer template. The other one was kind of rough so I decided to try it again. Early on this year I was back to making ’85 Topps cards for the backs. I made them last year for the entire set so I wanted to try something different. I may jump around a bit and try out new sets knowing that I am using the cards on the back of another.

This picture of Cliff was taken as he was tagging Juan Pierre out at second after Pierre was picked off. Sadly for Pierre I had two chances to get this shot as he was picked off twice. I don’t know that the picture fit the card style, but it was made to be small on another card so I may let that slide.


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