merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Mike Quade

I have seen Mike manage on three different levels now. In the early 90’s I saw him when he brought his Rockford Expos to the Cove to play the team known then as the South Bend White Sox. In 2004 I attended a couple Iowa Cubs games that featured Mike as the manager. Finally this April I saw him manage the Cubs finally making it to the big leagues. He really seems like he knows baseball, and I hope that he gets a chance to show the fans what he knows.

I took this picture in early April as Mike was throwing batting practice for the Cubs. A lot of managers are not even on the field during BP. Mike was all over the place when he was not throwing a round. He really is a hands on manager. I had a lot of trouble finding a card for the back. I wanted a Rockford Expos card, but the only ones I could find were signed. The same held true for the Iowa Cubs. I found a great card from what I thought was the new Heritage set until I clicked on it. I found at that it was made by Wrigley Wax. It was very well done, and looks good on the back of the card. Here is a link to his original post with the card. This is not the first time that I have used another bloggers card for one of mine, and it probably won’t be the last. I just think it is a great way for bloggers to interact. I could have used the ’08 Topps card of Quade, but thought that it would be cooler to add another custom card.

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