merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Dustin DeMuth

Dustin was a player that I watched play football for my hometown high school team for four years. Needless to say as a Purdue fan I was a little disappointed when he signed with Indiana to play baseball. He was part of the draw of attending the games this weekend. This is the first of five Hoosier cards that I plan to have in this set. It pains me to make that many cards of a rival school, but each card has a reason for being in the set.

The picture on the front was taken as Dustin was walking out to his position at third during the Sunday game at Purdue. I moved over to the third base side knowing that I would lose any real chance at getting a picture of him fielding, but knowing that I could have a great angle of him hitting. I also included a prototype card that I made last year for a football set that was never made on the back of the card. I liked the picture of Dustin celebrating a long run, and thought it would add something to the card. This is the first time that a football card has made its way into this set.

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