merging my pictures and cards

1988 Topps – Emmanuel Quiles

Emmanuel will probably never make the Major Leagues. He has been knocking around the minors, and has not moved above the single A level. In the true spirit of this blog though if he caught a game I will make a card of him. This card was made so that I had something to put on the back of my 2011 custom card. I used the ’88 Topps design for all of the Tincap players. It was my newest design at the time so I made it work. It also has the Tincap colors on it.

I took this picture as Quiles was catching a pitcher in the seventh inning of the first game of a doubleheader at Coveleski Stadium. The Silverhawks had a big lead so the bottom of the seventh would never be played. The catch was basically soft toss. I liked how Quiles looked in his gear so I tried to get a picture with the ball coming in. I got this shot on my second try.

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