merging my pictures and cards

1987 Fleer – Jeff Samardzija

It is weird how things turn out sometimes. Jeff played high school not too far away in Valpo. He played my Slicers in both football and baseball. He then went on to star at Notre Dame in football. He was arguably the third best pitcher on the Notre Dame pitching staff as well. He then signed a nice big contract to play baseball. He really has not found the success that many would have hoped he would have. He is in the bigs though, and that is much farther than most get. I have seen him pitch on multiple levels, and you have to root for the local kid.

I took this picture in early May. It was the first time I had seen Jeff pitch in the majors so I took a few pictures. I am sure that he will end up with a few cards before it is all said and done. I really like the design of the ’87 Fleer set, and I will try and make a few more of these before I am done. As someone who loves to include special patches on the cards I make I love how the patch for Ron Santo is prominent on this card.


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