merging my pictures and cards

1985 Fleer (Black) – Brent Lillibridge

Last night Brent was brought into the game against the Yankees to pinch run, and stayed in to play right field. With one out in the bottom of the ninth and two men on he made a very nice catch up against the wall that may have saved the ballgame. He then made a beautiful diving catch of a Robinson Cano line drive that ended the game. What made the catch so much fun to watch was how he threw his arms out after he caught the ball, and then pounded his hand on the turf in celebration. His teammates really let him have it as he jogged in to the great them.

After the nice catch I thought I should do another card of Brent. I decided to bring back this ’85 Fleer alternate template for another spin. I like how the new colors look on the old design. I took this picture on Opening Day in Cleveland as Brent was getting some extra infield work in with Omar Vizquel. The shadows hide his face a little, but I think the picture works well on the card.

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