merging my pictures and cards

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Omar Vizquel

I was thinking about the career that Omar has had, and how it seems as if he had been around forerver. One of the sites that I like to read is called The Phillies Room. He makes custom cards as well, and calls his Chachi. While looking through his cards I saw that he updated the old Topps Super Veteran cards that came out in 1983. He had a very nice Jamie Moyer card that made me want to try my hand at this set. I will post my Moyer in the near future, but for now I thought I would start with the White Sox player who is still playing. I made the card from scratch so that I had a decent template to use. There are a couple differences, but I feel that I have kept the spirit of the card intact.

I found a great picture of Omar early in his career when he was still wearing the #42. I liked the fact that he was playing in old Comiskey Park so I used a sepia tone to make the picture look older. As with all my cards I have to use a picture of mine on it. I chose a picture from this season of him batting in the same direction. I like the look of the set, and may try and make a few more. For now I will use players who have played at least 20 years. I am not sure what Topps consider to be a Super Veteran. I may end up relaxing the rules to 15 years eventually.

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