merging my pictures and cards

1984 Topps – Justin Upton

This is yet another card that was made during the ‘snowpocolypse’ while I was snowed in. I was extremely bored so I went through some of my older pictures looking for cards. I loved the 1984 Topps set because it was the first card that I ever collected. The trouble was that I needed a close of up the head for the inset picture. I could only make cards of players that I have seen up close.

I went to the Diamondbacks game last season against the Cubs specifically to see Upton and some other former Silverhawk players. I picked a seat on StubHub that would allow me to get some good pictures. The main picture on the card was taken as Justin was finishing up a healthy cut off of starter Carlos Silva. The inset picture was taken as Upton was rounding the bases after a home run. So far this is one of my favorite ’84 Topps cards that I have made even if I abbreviated the team name on the side.


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