merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Blake Mascarello

This is another card that I have to show you before I can show you the next card. While watching Blake pitch for Purdue earlier in the season I knew that I had seen him before. For some reason I could not place him. After reading a Region Collegians post by Ken Karrson of the NWI Times it all came back to me. Blake was the quarterback for the Crown Point football team. Being a Slicer fan I did not enjoy watching him work. Now of course as a Purdue pitcher I hope he does well.

The ’85 Topps card comes back into play so that I can have a card to put on the back of the 2011 Custom card for Blake. I used the newer template for the card, and I like how it looks for the Boilers. I took this picture during the Black and Gold weekend at Purdue as Blake was pitching against Michigan. I really was on the wrong side of the diamond to get a lefty, but he has such a unique follow through that it actually worked out well for me.


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