merging my pictures and cards

1977 Topps – Mark Buehrle

I have put out a few ’87 Topps cards lately so I thought that I would go back ten years, and post a ’77 Topps card. For some reason I really like this card. Maybe because it is so easy to put my picture on them and complete the process. I don’t know why, but this is a great card.

I have a woman who jumped in front of me to thank for this picture. Last year at Wrigley Mark was warming up just down from where my seat was. I couldn’t get a good shot of him because a woman kept yelling things at him. I moved over a couple of steps, and got this great picture head on of him throwing. I can’t think of many places where you could get this shot other than Wrigley. Sometimes the best pictures come when you have to find a way to take them.

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