merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Jeff Samardzija

I already had two cards from last years set with Jeff on them. I really faked an Iowa Cubs card, and I had a ‘short print’ Notre Dame card for him. I saw him pitch many times as a member of the Irish, and was lucky enough to finally see him pitch for the Cubs earlier this season. Since he picked up his first win of the season today I thought that I would post this card of him. Of course I could also be posting this so that I can post his 2011 csd Custom card.

I took this picture when Jeff came in earlier this season against the Diamondbacks. The starter (Andrew Cashner) had to leave the game because of an injury opening the door for Jeff. I took a few pictures of the pitcher, but I thought this one fit the card nicely. I also like how the patch for Ron Santo is very visable.

I really like this newer version of the ’85 Topps card. Last year I just stuck with the one template knowing that I could do better. I wish that I had switched to this one sooner.


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