merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Custom – Carlton Fisk

A set just wouldn’t be a set on here until the Fisk card was added to it. I was going to add this card first, but I decided to release the Jackie Robinson card first Friday. It just seemed like a good way to kick off the set. The set can really get going now that my favorite play has been released.

I took this picture last August on Frank Thomas day. It was the day after my birthday, and it was great to see a bunch of former Sox players who I have grown up watching in town to honor the Big Hurt. Carlton was one of a couple Hall of Famers in the stadium that day. As he was introduced he looked at the Scout Seats and waived. I was sitting just above them so it looks as though he is waving at me. We can at least for the sake of the set say that he was. I chose the 1972 Topps rookie card for the back instead of my 2010 custom card because I wanted to see it on the card. I also chose a more retro look for the card. I included the logo used in ’85 on the back, and an 80’s Sox logo on the front. I like the look of this card. Think of it more as a short print than a regular card. There might even be a couple more in the near future coming.

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