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Bronzed Heroes – Pete Rose

On my train ride Wednesday to the Sox game I was finishing the book Roger Kahn wrote about Pete Rose called “My Story.” Most of the book dealt with his great career, but the end dealt with the ban that was imposed on Pete. I still hate that he lied about betting on baseball, but I am sure he wishes that he could do that over as well. I really enjoyed watching Pete play as a child. He was already past his prime when I saw him play, but you could still see the passion with which he played the game. I would love to have seen him in his prime. I never saw him play in person, but did see him on TV whenever I could. I still think he should be in the Hall of Fame. If these juicers can get in, then Pete should be in.

This set was created with players like Pete in mind. I really wanted to be able to get some of my boyhood idols on the blog. I have already put some of the statues I have seen on regular cards, but I thought a set of these statues would be great. This picture was taken at the Reds Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a great display of all the members of the Big Red Machine of the ’70’s. Most of those players will appear in this set before it is all said and done.

If I had any sense of timing this card would have been released Thursday on Pete’s 70th birthday. I had just finished the book the day before, and was thinking about Pete. For some reason I dropped the ball though. With some time today I did think of it so Pete makes his way into the Bronzed Heroes set.

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