merging my pictures and cards

1963 Topps – Kurt Suzuki

One of the only good things that came out of me going to the Sox game on Wednesday was being able to see Kurt Suzuki play again. In 2004 I watched his Cal State Fullerton team march through the College World Series. I was actually at the game when they clinched it against Texas. It was hard to cheer that day since I was right in the middle of the Texas families. It is hard to root against a team when you are sitting amongst the parents. It just seems too rude. I was glad to see Fullerton win though. Kurt went on to win the Johnny Bench Award for the nation’s top collegiate catcher that year.

Kurt has had a good career with the Athletics so far. I have seen him play a couple of times. I was glad when he caught the game Wednesday afternoon after having caught the night before. I took both of the pictures on this card as he was warming up before the game against the White Sox. Luckily I had a good seat so that I could get a couple close ups of the catcher.


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