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Bronzed Heroes – Harry S. Truman

As I said in the last post for a Bronzed Hero card I was not just going to stick to athletes. I thought that the first non athlete in the set should be Harry Truman. In addition to being a sports junkie I also enjoy learning about the various Presidents that have served this country. It amazing how some of them have gotten into the highest office in the land. Probably the best story of all of those would be Harry Truman. It would take way too much time to get into here, but he went from failure after failure to a run of luck that saw him become the President during World War II. I guess with all the weight on his shoulders you could debate whether or not it was luck to end up in office when he did.

He is one of my favorites though so I visited his library in Independence, Missouri in 2005 before attending a Sox game at Kauffman Stadium. In the town square on each side of the courthouse you can find two statues. On one side is the statue of Andrew Jackson that Harry wanted in front of the courthouse. On the other side of the courthouse you can find this statue of Harry. I really had a blast on that trip, and would love to do it again with a better camera.


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