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1985 Topps 25th Anniversary – Harold Baines

Since I am finally done with the preview set I thought that I would post a couple different kinds of cards to mix it up a bit on here. I thought that I would post one of my cards that I made in honor of my 25th baseball anniversary last season. It sounds kind of stupid, but it was a good idea for a subset I thought.

I never really appreciated Harold as a player. For some reason he was just not flashy enough for me. Now I realize what a great player he was, but of course his lack of flashiness may have cost him some notice. He will probably never be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he is well remembered by the teams he played for. His number has been retired by both the White Sox and the Orioles. He also has a nice statue in right field at U.S. Cellular Field.

This picture was taken just before a game last August. The White Sox were honoring Frank Thomas by retiring his number, and they had many former Sox players in attendance. Harold was standing next to Billy Pierce who you can just see in the background. It was awesome to see so many great players from my childhood on the field. Some of those players will end up in this set.

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