merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Jeff Manship

Jeff was one of three very good pitchers on the 2006 Notre Dame staff. Tom Thornton was one of them who now pitches in Independant ball. His other counterpart Jeff Samardzija now is a relief pitcher for the Cubs. Manship has been trying to make his way onto the Twins roster for the last couple of seasons.

I took this picture in 2009 as Jeff was warming up prior to a late season start against the White Sox. I had tickets to the game, but it was an added bonus that Jeff was pitching. The picture used for the card was taken during the same bullpen session that the picture for the 2010 card was. I used my card on the back instead of another 2010 card from a card company. I think that in the future only my cards will be featured on the back.

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