merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Opening Day – Carlos Santana

I have heard about Santana for a while now thanks to Bus Leagues Baseball. At first the interest in the slugger was purely because he shares a name with the famous guitarist. Now I think it won’t be long before people recognize the Indians catcher before they would the rock icon. Carlos had a good game on Opening Day hitting his first home run of the season. I think that the home run he hit will have some company before the season is over.

This picture was taken as Carlos was throwing down to first after a Brent Lillibridge strikeout late in the game on Opening Day. I liked how the picture looked on the card, but loved it when I turned it so that I could get it bigger. This might be my favorite card in the set so far. I also like how the custom card looks on the back with the Opening Day picture as a backdrop.

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