merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Justin Smoak

Justin has been around a bit as a player. Since he joined the Rangers organization in 2008 he has seemingly been on a couple teams a year. Hopefully he can find some stability this season with the Mariners. He came to Seattle as the key piece the Rangers had to offer to get Cliff Lee.

I took this picture last July during the first days of Justin’s career as a Mariner. He was batting lefty so I would need something interesting to happen to get a good picture. As Justin hit the ball to right field he kind of stared it down. That provided the picture that appears on this card.

Edit 4/4/2011: I just found out today that the picture on the card I used for the back was taken by the gentleman who runs the site  Dick Allen Hall of Fame. You can see his picture and the card on his post here. I just think that it would be awesome to take baseball photos for a living. Let along seeing them on a card.

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