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2011 csd Preview – Lyle Overbay

Normally Monday’s are reserved for Minor League cards. With the surplus of preview cards that I have I have to try and get them out before the start of the season. I found a compromise though that I thought would work. Lyle Overbay was one of the first Silverhawk players that I saw regularly that made it to the bigs. He was a great hitter for South Bend, and has since provided his talents for the Diamondbacks, Brewers, Blue Jays, and now the Pirates. He will always be my favorite because he was the first. He also signed one of my first pictures that I took for me instantly making him a fan favorite.

I am really stretching it with this card. If I had any photo shop skills at all I could turn this picture into one where Lyle is a Pirate. I have not acquired those skills yet so this card is just a little off. I have always liked Lyle though so I wanted to get him into this set. One thing that will have to change is the background of this card. The Pirates have such a beautiful stadium that it has to be on the back of my cards.

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