merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Brandon Inge

For some reason I have always liked Brandon. He is just one of those scrappy players that you always seem to root for. The only time that I have been on the field at the Cell we walked past the opposing teams dugout as a mob wearing mullet wigs (most of the people anyway). Inge was getting ready to get interviewed, and he actually made a point to interact with a few of the weird looking people walking by.

This picture on the front of this card was taken during a controversial play last season. Brandon came up in the 8th inning against the White Sox and hit what was called a home run. I took this picture as Brandon was trotting around third. I was sitting on the third base side at the time in between the pitchers mound and third base. I did not have a great view, but I could tell that the ball was foul. Looking back to the field I could see the Sox players waving it foul as well. Of course in Detroit is not a good place for a Sox fan to be loud, but I kept yelling foul ball as the fans were applauding the home run. The umpires reviewed the play, and called it foul. Chris Sale then used his second chance to strike out Inge, and went on to win his first career MLB game.

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