merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Mike Aviles

For some reason last season when I acquired some good seats near the end of a Sox game against the Royals Mike Aviles seemed to be part of the action a lot. I don’t follow Kansas City baseball too closely so I did not know too much about him at the time. I do know that he has switched his number, but when I was making these cards I did not know that, and I used the number he wore last season.

I like this picture because Mike is doing something that I don’t see on cards very often. A.J. Pierzynski had gotten himself caught in a rundown, and Mike was running him back towards first base. When I snapped this picture he was tossing the ball to first to get A.J. out. It is just a different picture for a card so of course I was going to use it. Another cool part of the card is that the back features Mike Sweeney who recently was signed and retired with the Royals. At the time I did not like him too much, but that is just because he always seemed to kill the White Sox.

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