merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Matt Morgan

For some reason it seems like every time that I see a Purdue game over the last couple of years Matt is pitching for the Boilermakers. I am not sure, but a couple of years ago I think that I was sitting with his parents or some sort of family watching him pitch against Ohio State. Last year he pitched the lone game that I saw Purdue play.

The light was perfect for taking pictures last year making them look good. Combine that with the great windup that Matt has, and some good pictures came as a result. As you can see both this year and last years cards have him in a different part of his windup. On the Tyler Spillner card I forgot to talk about the back of the card. With no overhead shot of the field available unless you climb on top of the press box I decided to go with a shot of the right field wall for the background. I really liked how the hammer and the scoreboard looked as a background. That gave me some ideas for some backgrounds for future cards.


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